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Applying false lashes in a salon

Eyelash Extension

Using high quality product PBT Korean Lash, Mink Silk Lashes and high quality pre-treatment product for high retention which can last for 3-6 weeks.

Eyelash styles from Cat Eyes to Dolls Eyes

Wispy ,Hybrid, Mega Volume

Optional curl C,CC,D,L,L+

Length 8-16mm

Thickness 0.07-0.12mm

Treatment included:

- Consultation

- Lash Shampoo


Start from


IDR 450k-750K

Refill Start from 


IDR 250k-400k

Lash Removal 

5$ || 60K

Ultra Deep Relaxation 
Face Massage

This treatment involved gentle pressure and rhythmic movements, which can help relax the facial muscles and alleviate tension. To provide overall relaxation and reduce stress, which can contribute to a more rested appearance and to glow the skin.

The treatment is included:

- Face cleansing using  soap foam,

-Deep Relaxation massage using an optional of natural oils

(Virgin Coconut oil/ Almond Oils/Aloe Vera Gel).

-Ice Roller

-Face Essence

-Face mist

Pressure Points

Hand Spa

Our Hand Spa service offers a luxurious and relaxing experience that will leave your hands feeling smooth and rejuvenated. We start by exfoliating your hands to remove dirt and dead skin cells, followed by a moisturizing process. Then, we use an accupressure massage to reduce stress and wrinkles and make your hands softer. We finish off with a hand mask and hand lotion to give you a truly pampered feeling. Our Hand Spa is the perfect way to relax and reduce stress, while making your hands feel silky and soft.

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